Egerton Soccer Camps
7th March 2018

Return to Football – Covid-19 Information for Players

Training Update 1 August 2020

Following the resumption of training in small groups (5 + coach) during July, the FA has positively revised its guidance to allow us to return to full training and resume competitive games from 1st August.  

Training times for each age group can be found in the updated training matrix here:

Training Matrix Aug 20

For each session, parents need to declare their children to be symptom free when you all them to attend training, or as an over 18 if you attend yourselves you need to declare yourself as symptom free. Coaches will then record all attendees for track and trace purposes.  

Club registrations are now available for the 20/21 season.  Registrations need to be completed by 29th August.  

Players must bring the relevant signed declaration to each session in order to be allowed to play.  The form to be completed is here: 

Return to Training Declaration For Player U18 v2

Return to Training Declaration For Player (18 and over) v2

Players should bring their own individual hand sanitiser and water bottle to each session. 

There will be NO welfare facilities or building access available on site. 

Everyone must maintain Government social distancing protocols from entering site to departing.

Please ensure that that you read the guidance thoroughly before you or your child joins their training session.

Training will run until Friday 21st August, where we will then stop for one week, and move over to the 20/21 age groups, teams and training matrix for players registering for the new season.    

FA Football Activity Guidance for parents and carers

football-activity-guidance-for-parents-and-carers_v1-1 (1)

Documentation for Coaches and Manager:

Return to Training Declaration For Coaches v2

football-activity-guidance-for-coaches_v1-1 (1) (1)

Return to Matches Declaration For Egerton Games v1

Return to Matches Declaration For Officials v1

Return to Training Declaration For Egerton Sessions v1


Risk Assessments:

Covid 19 Risk Assessment EFC v3

Covid 19 RAMS & PPE Briefing Confirmation v1

Covid 19 Method Statement EFC v3