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Egerton will help prepare our members for a life that includes sport. We look to offer football for all which could be in Saturday Club, one of our teams, as part of our training groups, or in one of our holiday camps. We want players to enjoy football whatever their ability, to work hard, to have fun and to want to come back.

Our focus is on the PLAYERS and to let the players enjoy football. We DO NOT let parents expectations dictate where a player participates so sometimes our decisions may not always be the same as you would like. We will guarantee that the environment we provide will be one of the best around.

Please take a look at our Foundation Football Policy.


Please familiarise yourselves with our Respect Policies:

Foundation and Youth Players Respect Code of Conduct

Parents Respect Code of Conduct

For all our players at Under 8, we have taken the structure from our Saturday Club and expanded this into Under 8 football. This is very much about developing further those early seeds that were planted at Saturday Club to produce players who are technically confident and will be able to use this confidence for a lifetime of enjoyment from the game whether as a player, a coach, a referee or a parent.

Our development squad will be coached in a variety of technical and physical topics dependant upon the needs of the age groups.

We still encourage a lot of time with the ball and as young children are egocentric we will encourage individual techniques before team understanding. Its all about FUN so many simplified games will be played.

What we do not do is enter our Under 8 teams in ANY leagues as we do not consider that to be beneficial to their development. Why travel 30 minutes to spend 20 minutes on a pitch and have football contact time of around 20 touches when our two hour development squad sessions revolve around football contact time.

Our u9 & U10 teams play mini soccer which is a seven a side game. The aim of mini soccer is again to provide fun. It is designed to ensure that children get plenty of ball time in which to develop their skills in a non competitive environment whilst having all the features of real football.

Mini soccer aims to encourage children to take part in football so they feel successful, learn to play as a team, understand the rules, develop skills, and take an active part in a game of football.

Please take a look at our Foundation Football Policy .