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Return to Football – COVID-19 Information for Players

Training is Back!!

We are delighted to be returning to football coaching from Monday 13th July.

Sessions will initially be on a reduced duration to allow for the volume of training groups, preparation of session, equipment cleaning time and switch-over periods for each session. Managers will group players into bubbles of 5 in advance of training.

Covid 19 Matrix 45 mins v3

Training will run until Friday 21st August, where we will then stop for one week, and move over to the 20/21 age groups, teams and training matrix for players registering for the new season.

Sessions will all be socially distant with no hand/head contact of footballs and will be focussed around re-building fitness and refreshing skills

Each player must be accompanied by a parent/carer who must remain on-site in their vehicle whilst the session is on. No parents can congregate pitch side but must remain on-site to administer any first aid needed by their child.

Players must bring the relevant signed declaration to each session in order to be allowed to play. The form to be completed is here:

Return to Training Declaration For Player U18 v2

Return to Training Declaration For Player (18 and over) v2

Players should bring their own individual hand sanitiser and water bottle to each session.

There will be NO welfare facilities or building access available on site.

Everyone must maintain Government social distancing protocols from entering the site to departing.

Please ensure that that you read the guidelines thoroughly before you or your child joins their training session.

FA Football Activity Guidance for parents and carers

Documentation for Coaches:

Risk Assessments: